September… as always… kicks my…

Heydee Ho Everybodies!

September is always a difficult month for me, getting back to a new class and working like crazy. Throw in a really nasty cold, and it’s been an extra tough one so far. And where am I suffering? My art. I’m done page 16 of the Psychedelic Postman, but honestly, it’s been sitting on my drafting table for the last week waiting for me to start page 17. But, a few more days of malaise, and I’m sure I’ll get back to it!

But the good news is that there’s movement on the New Recruits! After struggling through some of the colouring process, I figured that I’d better get some real help on this one, so I am having the artist Bruce Lugli to continue his work on the comic by doing the colouring as well! It’s going to make the process go much faster, and I know I can trust him to meet deadlines and work hard, and I love his art, so it’s going to be fast and fantastic! This project is incredibly overdue, and I feel a fair bit of guilt over my role in making it worse, but I’m going to get this project done! Soon!

This weekend is the Edmonton Expo, and I gave up my booth. I went through my difficulties with the expo crowds, and decided that I’m better off spending my time working with markets that cater more to buying comics and magazines, rather than merchandise. I love all the stuff at the expo, but it doesn’t seem that lucrative for indie comic creators.

That said, I’ll be at the HARD COPY zine fair on October 3 and 4 at the Stanley Milner library in the Edmonton room! I’ll be selling my book Lemons on Venus, my graphic novel The Somnambulist, as well as my comics Captain Uranus, Zero Men, and of course the entire Utility Belt series! I really want this small event to take off, so if you’re reading this, come on by! I’ll give you a free bookmark if you say the codeword Otorhinolaryngologist. If you don’t give me the code word, I’ll give you a free bookmark anyway. Because they’re free.

All right! As soon as I’m over this cold entirely I’ll be full of energy again to continue writing and drawing your favourite indie comics, so wish me well!

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Hey Utility Belt Fans!

So after completing my last six issue script for The Real World Monitor, I had an idea for a kind of post-apocalyptic series, so I started writing Schism. Now, I took the name from an old Edmonton ‘zine called Schism, which was a punk rock mag that had band reviews, tricks for foiling the system, and comics and stuff. It was awesome, and so was Louis Schism, the guy who created it. Now, the title really worked with my comic idea, so I contacted him and got his permission to take the title and use it. Louis Schism, AKA Louis Pezzani, is a mentalist who can be found… here!

Anyway, I don’t know what the plan is for this comic series yet. Between the Real World Monitor and Schism, that’s twelve issues of comics, so… three years of drawing for myself, and that’s after the Psychedelic Postman, which will take me until next summer, sooooooo, we’ll see!

Anyone up for a collab? :D

Take it easy everyone! (114)

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Hey hey! How’s everyone doing?

So it’s summer, and I’m taking a few weeks to relax and get centred. I have, though, finished up a script for a new comic called The Real World Monitor. It’s kind of a World Weekly News thing, with a disgraced reporter returning to his hometown to get a job at the Real World Monitor. Then he starts figuring out that maybe all those stories aren’t as phony as he thought they were.

Anyway, I’m thinking of moving directions into more of a ‘zine phase. The comic I’m drawing, The Psychedelic Postman, is much more adult and underground. I’m working at it slowly, as really, it’s summer and I’m just getting my feet under me again. I’ll keep you all updated!

I’ve added a page to my website. It’s all about collaborations. It’s presenting scripts that I have for people who might be interested in drawing and sharing the dozens and dozens of dollars profit an indie comic makes. If you’re one of these people… email me! Making comics is awesome!!!

Ok. Not much else new in my comic life! Take er easy!

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Hey Everyone,

So, I posted a big post on Facebook about how disappointed I was with my performance at the Eek fest. The sales were crap, and I felt unsupported by my community in general. Well, it’s been a week, and I have had a long time to reflect on the situation, and make plans for the future. Well, I think that what I’m doing just has a very limited audience. I’m trying to get comics fans interested in independent comics, and they’re not. They want pop culture stuff, and that’s fine. I like pop culture stuff. I buy pop culture stuff. I just don’t make pop culture stuff, and I don’t want to.

I think my next step is to go underground. Ditch the pop culture crowd like the pop culture fairs and the expos, and go for more of a ‘zine crowd. I’ve been moving towards making my work more kid-friendly, and parents are not buying my stuff, so why am I doing it? I thought about going for more of a webcomic thing, by I don’t even enjoy updating my blog, much less uploading comics every week. So, I’m going paper still, and grittier, meant for adults. Taking a different art style and different aesthetic.

While I’ll still be doing some superhero stuff like the New Recruits, I’ll also be starting The Psychedelic Postman. Expect everything you wouldn’t see in a kid-friendly book!

So, I’m getting refreshed, reinspired, and regrouped. Expect photo updates on instagram soon!

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Been a while!

Hey Utility Belters! It’s been a while since I’ve updated, probably due to a whole lot of drama involving selling my house, changing jobs, moving cities, and then not doing any of the above! But through it all, Utility Belt Comics soldiers on!

Zero Men! I completed a one-shot comic! It’s a comedic superhero comic drawn in the style of the Flintstones!

New Recruits! Issue 1 is now penciled and inked, and now it’s just work on colouring, lettering, editing, and printing! Yeah!

Quantum Cat! I wrote this four issue set and am going to attempt to get funding as it is a drug awareness comic!

Weekly Monitor! Another comic in the writing process!

See! Always soldiering on! Yay! (194)

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Captain Uranus The Series!

It’s done! Captain Uranus, the entire series! All four issues are complete! Join Eddie, Hugh, Crane, and Jade as they figure out the world of superheroes, love, and rock and roll! They’re all available here at the store, or soon at Happy Harbor or the next time I have a storefront like Mothers Market, Night Market, or and upcoming comic fest like Eek! It’s awesome, and I’m looking forward to setting up a table now that I have even more stock! The Utility Belt Nation is expanding!!! (384)

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Happy New Year!

Hey Utility Belt Fans!

It’s 2015 and Utility Belt has a great year planned! I have just completed all issues of the four issue set of Captain Uranus, and am now patiently waiting for the printer to send them to me, which might actually happen today! Or maybe this week at the latest! Either way, I’ll have the entire Captain Uranus set at Happy Harbor Comics by this weekend, and they should be on sale very soon!

Furthermore, the New Recruits, while a bit behind schedule again, is moving ahead! The quality is so much higher than I could hope for, so I’m not worried about the short delay, and I hope you all don’t mind holding on for a fantastic comic! We’re working hard, but quality is so important on this project to both Bruce and I that we want to make sure that you’re getting the best product we can deliver!

Other than that, I’m at a bit of a loose end here as I ponder where to go next. Should I do the one shot comic The Zero Men? Should I jump into a four issue comic like Stickman? Or longer work like Bizarre Romance or even Lab-Rat? Or, on a totally different front, novelizing my comic series The Psychedelic Postman? That might be fun too! We’ll see!!!

Keep your eyes open for new and innovative upcoming comics from Utility Belt!

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Mother’s Market!!!

Hey Utility Belters!

Wondering where you can pick up your favourite Utility Belt comics? Well, I got news for you!

Utility Belt Comics will be sold this Sunday at Mother’s Market! Come on down between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM and pick up Captain Uranus issues 1 and 2, or the New Recruits issue 0, or The Somnambulist, or Glasswing, or, if you’re in the mood for prose, Lemons on Venus!

Wait, are you in Vancouver? Then head on over to Cazine this weekend and see Kelly Chen! She’s selling our comic, Glasswing, as well as her own work, Fish! She’s super-awesome and would love to show you her art!

I’ve got some exciting news coming up in a few days, but I’ll hold onto it for now. Hopefully I’ll see you on Sunday! (442)

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The New Recruits Moves Forward!

Hey Fellow Utility Belters!

So, some of you may have heard that James is not on the project any longer. That’s true, but you can still get his awesome artwork at cons around the city and beyond!

And I’d like to introduce Bruce Lugli! He’s a fantastic artist from Argentina, and he’s already done a number of character sketches, and done the pencils for two pages! I’m really impressed with him, and I think the two of us are going to work very well together! Visit his deviant art site to see more of his work!

In other news, I’m working hard to get more issues of Captain Uranus out (with issue 2 at the printer!) and doing some rewrites on a few pieces. I’ve also got a few stories on my mind for writing, but I’m spreading myself a tad thin these days! Plus… I’m hoping that I can get Glasswing done for the Edmonton Expo!

Okay, got to get back to work! Keep your eyes on your Belt!!!

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Howdy Hodee every bodee!

It’s been a fantastic summer so far for Utility Belt comics! I’m kind of blown away!

The Somnambulist: It’s here! It’s for sale on the store, and at Happy Harbor comics! That’s right! Online and on shelf! It’s selling nicely, and hopefully more sales to come, and maybe even a reprint!

Captain Uranus: Issue 1 is here! It too is in my online store and Happy Harbor! Plus, issue 2 is being coloured and I just finished penciling and inking issue 3! Awesome!

The New Recruits: James is racing to meet a deadline for the beginning of August! That’s about the latest we can have it finished in time for the Edmonton Expo where James and I will be sharing a booth! For those of you that backed this project, get ready! Rewards, as late as they are, will be coming!!!

The Night Market: This new venue for Open Door Comics is yet another place you can buy Utility Belt comics! Downtown Edmonton, 106th and Jasper Ave, from 7 PM to 11 PM until August 29th! Come on by and see what I and the other Open Door comic creators and artists have out for sale!

Keep revisiting this page for more action and updates!

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