Been a while!

Hey Utility Belters! It’s been a while since I’ve updated, probably due to a whole lot of drama involving selling my house, changing jobs, moving cities, and then not doing any of the above! But through it all, Utility Belt Comics soldiers on!

Zero Men! I completed a one-shot comic! It’s a comedic superhero comic drawn in the style of the Flintstones!

New Recruits! Issue 1 is now penciled and inked, and now it’s just work on colouring, lettering, editing, and printing! Yeah!

Quantum Cat! I wrote this four issue set and am going to attempt to get funding as it is a drug awareness comic!

Weekly Monitor! Another comic in the writing process!

See! Always soldiering on! Yay! (14)

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Captain Uranus The Series!

It’s done! Captain Uranus, the entire series! All four issues are complete! Join Eddie, Hugh, Crane, and Jade as they figure out the world of superheroes, love, and rock and roll! They’re all available here at the store, or soon at Happy Harbor or the next time I have a storefront like Mothers Market, Night Market, or and upcoming comic fest like Eek! It’s awesome, and I’m looking forward to setting up a table now that I have even more stock! The Utility Belt Nation is expanding!!! (203)

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Happy New Year!

Hey Utility Belt Fans!

It’s 2015 and Utility Belt has a great year planned! I have just completed all issues of the four issue set of Captain Uranus, and am now patiently waiting for the printer to send them to me, which might actually happen today! Or maybe this week at the latest! Either way, I’ll have the entire Captain Uranus set at Happy Harbor Comics by this weekend, and they should be on sale very soon!

Furthermore, the New Recruits, while a bit behind schedule again, is moving ahead! The quality is so much higher than I could hope for, so I’m not worried about the short delay, and I hope you all don’t mind holding on for a fantastic comic! We’re working hard, but quality is so important on this project to both Bruce and I that we want to make sure that you’re getting the best product we can deliver!

Other than that, I’m at a bit of a loose end here as I ponder where to go next. Should I do the one shot comic The Zero Men? Should I jump into a four issue comic like Stickman? Or longer work like Bizarre Romance or even Lab-Rat? Or, on a totally different front, novelizing my comic series The Psychedelic Postman? That might be fun too! We’ll see!!!

Keep your eyes open for new and innovative upcoming comics from Utility Belt!

Brad! (205)

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Mother’s Market!!!

Hey Utility Belters!

Wondering where you can pick up your favourite Utility Belt comics? Well, I got news for you!

Utility Belt Comics will be sold this Sunday at Mother’s Market! Come on down between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM and pick up Captain Uranus issues 1 and 2, or the New Recruits issue 0, or The Somnambulist, or Glasswing, or, if you’re in the mood for prose, Lemons on Venus!

Wait, are you in Vancouver? Then head on over to Cazine this weekend and see Kelly Chen! She’s selling our comic, Glasswing, as well as her own work, Fish! She’s super-awesome and would love to show you her art!

I’ve got some exciting news coming up in a few days, but I’ll hold onto it for now. Hopefully I’ll see you on Sunday! (282)

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The New Recruits Moves Forward!

Hey Fellow Utility Belters!

So, some of you may have heard that James is not on the project any longer. That’s true, but you can still get his awesome artwork at cons around the city and beyond!

And I’d like to introduce Bruce Lugli! He’s a fantastic artist from Argentina, and he’s already done a number of character sketches, and done the pencils for two pages! I’m really impressed with him, and I think the two of us are going to work very well together! Visit his deviant art site to see more of his work!

In other news, I’m working hard to get more issues of Captain Uranus out (with issue 2 at the printer!) and doing some rewrites on a few pieces. I’ve also got a few stories on my mind for writing, but I’m spreading myself a tad thin these days! Plus… I’m hoping that I can get Glasswing done for the Edmonton Expo!

Okay, got to get back to work! Keep your eyes on your Belt!!!

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Howdy Hodee every bodee!

It’s been a fantastic summer so far for Utility Belt comics! I’m kind of blown away!

The Somnambulist: It’s here! It’s for sale on the store, and at Happy Harbor comics! That’s right! Online and on shelf! It’s selling nicely, and hopefully more sales to come, and maybe even a reprint!

Captain Uranus: Issue 1 is here! It too is in my online store and Happy Harbor! Plus, issue 2 is being coloured and I just finished penciling and inking issue 3! Awesome!

The New Recruits: James is racing to meet a deadline for the beginning of August! That’s about the latest we can have it finished in time for the Edmonton Expo where James and I will be sharing a booth! For those of you that backed this project, get ready! Rewards, as late as they are, will be coming!!!

The Night Market: This new venue for Open Door Comics is yet another place you can buy Utility Belt comics! Downtown Edmonton, 106th and Jasper Ave, from 7 PM to 11 PM until August 29th! Come on by and see what I and the other Open Door comic creators and artists have out for sale!

Keep revisiting this page for more action and updates!

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New Stuff For Everyone!!!

Hey Everyone! Happy Birthday to America, and Happy Birthday to me! As a birthday present to you all, I’m releasing two books on July 4th this year! The Somnambulist, the 96 page mega-comic black and white graphic novel and a piece I’ve been working on for over a year, is finally complete and ready for sale! Plus, Captain Uranus issue 1 is also done and printed! 24 full colour pages all ready and printed… and in the mail. Yes, apparently Canada customs is holding up Captain Uranus. It’s still for sale, and will be sent out the second it arrives!

As a bonus to all people who choose to buy my comics on July 4th, I’ll draw an individualized picture on the envelope! I won’t make a claim as to the quality of this drawing, but it’ll be all yours!

And if you’re wondering when issue #2 of Captain Uranus is coming out, weeeeeelll… it’s drawn, inked, and at the moment being coloured! So I’m thinking it’ll be at the printer by the end of the month! Get on the Uranus train while at the first stop!!!

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More? Already?!?

Hey Everyone! I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “Brad, what are you up to now?” Maybe you stay awake at nights thinking about it. Well, don’t worry. I’m here to tell you!

Update: The New Recruits. I’ve seen the pencils and inks of the first section of the book, and it looks awesome. James had a bit of a tough couple months with illness and stuff, but he’s working hard. We’re behind schedule still, but hey, the quality is there!

Update: Lemons on Venus. I had a great book launch at Happy Harbor Comics, and I’m really pleased with the book. It’s awesome, and it’s on sale in the store section of the site! I’ll also have some product for the Edmonton Comic Convention, where James and I will be sharing a table!

Update: The Somnambulist. Hey hey! I’ve sent it to the printer, and have a proof copy on the way! It’ll be here within a week or two, and then after any changes, I’ll make the real order and have more stuff!!!

Update: More Writing. I finished writing a four issue series called Thwack! It’s a story I’ve been kicking around for a while, but I finally figured out the heart of the story, and then just couldn’t stop writing! It’s four issues, and it’s so great. I’m letting it settle a bit before I go back and edit. If anyone wants to read it or critique it, drop me a note! So, while I’m waiting, I’ve started work on another writing project that I’ve had on the back burner since October or so. It’s called Bizarre Romance, and I’ve plotted it out loosely for about six issues, and am now up to issue two in the writing. It’s exciting, and I’m kind of writing it for a special friend who is far away and going through tough times. Anyway, it’s a fun project.

So yeah, lots of working going on at Utility Belt Comics. Things being produced, scripts written, and collaborations in motion!

Take care everyone, and stay tuned! If you can stay tuned to a website. I guess that term is mostly outdated now.

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Lemons on Venus 2

Hey Everyones!

So what is up with Utility Belt? Well, I’m glad you asked!

I’ve been feverishly refreshing the UPS Tracker website as my book of short stories, Lemons on Venus, should be arriving any day now! I’ve got a few steps before it goes online, but we’re almost there! I’m still kind of bouncing around ideas as to how I will sell it. I have my website, although sales through a website are usually pretty low, and I have Indiegogo, which I was quite successful at last time I tried. So, I’m thinking another go at Indiegogo, but we’ll see. I still have a day or two to decide!

I’m also proud to report that I have now finished the contours of The Somnambulist! That’s right! Another stage complete! Now I need to do lettering, plus I need to go back and make sure that the first 32 pages look all right when compared to the rest, as I changed sizes between the original Hat Trick series and the solo work.

And I’m assured that the New Recruits is coming along nicely! That’s good, as we have a lot of people to get our work to, and I am not going to disappoint them! I was hoping to have it out by now, so we’re a little behind schedule, but I know that James has gone through a couple of illnesses, so I’ll have more of an update Thursday evening!

Once again, lots of action going on at Utility Belt! Thanks for joining me, and remember to visit the store! Yay!

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Lemons on Venus?

Hey Everyone!

I know what you’re thinking. Wow Brad, you haven’t updated in ages! Yeah yeah, I know. I’m not a blogmaster like some people. But I am a comic-making machine!!!

Two new updates that you need to know!

1) Last night I finished flatting The Somnambulist! That’s right! 100 or so pages of comics all drawn and flatted! Now to shade and letter… and then do a few more touch ups before sending that puppy to the printer!

2) I have been writing short stories for a long time now, and they’ve just been sitting on my hard drive because I’m terrible at sending things out. So, as I’m becoming a self-publishing entrepreneur, I created a book of five of my favourite short stories called Lemons on Venus. It has the stories Lemons on Venus, The Spirit Grove Cemetery, The Frustrations of Family 19, A Carnival in Dry Lands, and the BC Federation of Writers Award Winning Story After Momma Died Carrying the Jelly Baby.

And as for Hat Trick… well… I’m just working on Somnambulist now, and will finish up Captain Uranus after I’m done with it.

And what about the New Recruits?!? James is working diligently to get issue #1 done, and hopefully we’ll have the funding so that we won’t have to Indiegogo again for issue #2. It would be nice to break even, maybe even make a profit, but I think it’s a lot of work before we get there!

Psychedelic Postman is, sadly, on hold for the moment when my friend Remy takes care of some health issues. She wants to get back to it when she can, but she has to take care of herself first and foremost. I do have a little project that I’m considering writing specifically for her, but more on that once it jells together in my head.

Okay everyone! Keep reading those indie comics!

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